tips for preparing for CBSE assessments for 10th & 12th

In this article, you’ll find the modified assessment pattern and some preparation tips for internal assessment.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has made certain modifications in the assessment pattern for class 10 and class 12. CBSE notifies through its website that two or three kinds of assessment models for class 10 and class 12 will be used and every student will be required to score at least 33 per cent marks in every model to pass the examination.

As per the notification containing the revised list of assessment released by CBSE for both the classes 10 and 12, there will be two to three parts for assessment per subject – theory and practice or project or internal assessment. Students will be required to score passing marks or above for every section of the assessment.

As mentioned in the circular, assessment for every subject will be divided into two components – theory and practical. The practical component will be for 20 marks and the theory component will be for 80 marks. CBSE has introduced an internal assessment for all subjects.

CBSE’s internal assessment pattern for class 10 distributes 20 marks in four components – periodic test (5 marks), multiple assessments (5 marks), portfolio (5 marks) and subject enrichment activities (5 marks). The internal assessment will be used to judge a student’s overall and year-round performance in every subject.

Tips to follow for securing good marks in internal assessment exams:

  1. Understand every concept including theorems and principles.
  2. For projects, choose topics of your interest.
  3. Try and include diagrams, graphical representations and flow diagrams in your answers or projects.
  4. Participate in any physical activity/sport of your choice.
  5. Conduct discussions in English with classmates and family members.
  6. Conduct doubt clearing sessions with classmates and teachers.
  7. Perform all experiments yourself. Note all the observations comprehensively.
  8. Note all the important viva questions.
  9. Stay calm while performing the activity/experiment.

CBSE has designed the assessment components to enhance learning, achieve cognitive excellence, understand subjects objectively as well as subjectively, and increase self-awareness.


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