Online Schooling A Savior During the H3N2 Influenza

Academicians across the world have acknowledged the fact that online education is not just an option for the pandemic, but it is also a new face of teaching and learning altogether!

Leading associations and international agencies have identified several advantages of this new model of teaching and learning. And these are also reiterated by leading journals and educationists from time to time. With the new H3N2 flu threats, we are once again on the verge of rethinking our present education systems. Because our children are a vulnerable group. And they certainly need a better schooling choice to be secure from the rampant threats.

At the present time, we are battling with 2 different virus threats at the same time (H3N2 common name, and Covid-19). By the 19th of March’23, a total of 400 H3N2 influenza cases were reported from different parts of the nation. As a result, online schooling seems to be the only savior with the Covid precautions advised by the policymakers.

In the past, virtual education has served the stakeholders and the student community at large. Let’s explore more about this schooling choice and understand its scope in the years to come (including H3N2 influenza).

How Did Online Education Support Students During the Pandemic?

  • Covid-19 affected 286 million students from pre-primary to secondary levels.
  • 1.5 million schools across the nation were shut down due to the pandemic.
  • This global challenge also added to the count of our out-of-school children which was 6 million prior to the virus outbreak.

The pandemic created an urgent need for online education. And the Indian government rolled out a number of digital learning initiatives to help students thrive better during the period of school closures.

Some of these were:

  • Swayam Prabha TV 
  • CBSE Podcast- Shiksha Vani
  • Digitally Accessible Information System (DAISY)
Digital Learning initiative by government to tackle education loss during H3n2 period

Other than the government initiatives, India also witnessed a new schooling model in the form of 100% virtual schools after the pandemic. These include accredited online schools and state government’s online schools such as the Delhi Model Virtual School.

This example is a torchbearer for us. Because we can now choose the option of online schooling instead of looking for the H3N2 vaccine or H3N2 treatment.

Is Online Schooling the Best Choice for All Students?

It is a fact that all types of educational choices have their merits and downsides. But with online education, the advantages surpass the limitations to a great extent. The design of a virtual school is highly suitable for all types of students. Because this mode allows them a great amount of freedom. And customizes learning around their life priorities.

An online school can help all gifted, at-risk, academically backward, and slow learners. In fact, this medium can also support students with different physical and learning disabilities.

Here’s more about how this schooling choice can be a savior for our students.

Virtual Schooling: A Savior for Students

Even if we keep the current virus threats (H3N2 symptoms) at bay, our system is still not free from challenges. Virtual schooling not just addresses the issues of virus threats. But also offers a solution to many more challenges.

Quality Concern in Indian Schools-

  • As per Pratham’s Annual Survey of Education Report 2019, only 51% of the students from class 3 could read the text of class 1. This means that the rest of them were 2 years behind.
  • The employability status is equally dismal. Only 15 to 50% of the Indian students were employable.

Out-of-School Children-

In the year 2022-23, 697121 boys, 555854 girls, and 44 transgender students were reported as out-of-school. This number is bigger at the elementary level (9,30,531). While the figures are around 3,22,488 at the secondary level.

Graph Showing No of student out of school in due to covid
States with higher no of out of school children

All in all, these figures are more alarming than the symptoms during the H3N2 incubation period!

School Violence-

Another underrated problem is the environment in traditional schools. Despite several efforts, we still have a long way to go before we eliminate the threats of school violence (32% of students globally face this problem), and bullying from the vicinity of our regular schools.

Some More Unsung Advantages of Digital Schooling

Skill- building

India has one-fifth of the entire world’s youth population. The potential of our young minds can be used only if we help them develop the right skillsets as per the requirement of the global workforce. Virtual learning makes high-quality education more accessible for students across the globe. 

Less Intimidating

For many introverted or shy students, this medium is less intimidating.

Cost Effective

Educating a child in India is also a big cause of worry in terms of cost. Parents need to spend a mammoth amount for years (around 30 lakh). And the cost becomes bigger with the grade/class/level. Virtual learning saves the cost of travel, books, and accommodation (in cases of relocation), thereby saving a big fraction of the overall expenses. 

Final Thoughts

Be it the pandemic, or the recent influenza cases, online education has some much-needed solutions for our ongoing problems. Our students can be more future-ready, save money, and enjoy world-class education without crossing the boundaries of their nation. The very comfort of their home can give all this and more. Thanks to the new face of teaching and learning, ONLINE EDUCATION- A FUTURESITIC CHOICE FOR ALL INDIAN STUDENTS!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is H3N2 dangerous?
    Most patients with a positive H3N2 test result do not have life threats. But the condition can be serious if the patient has a history of some other disease as well.
  • Is H3N2 more severe than H1N1?
    Yes H3N2 is more serious than H1N1.
  • How long does H3N2 flu last?
    It can last between a range of 1 to 2 weeks in most cases.
  • Is H3N2 flu serious?
    If the patient has a pre-existing condition, it can be serious.
  • H3N2 how long does it last?
    In most cases, it takes a long time almost a couple of weeks.


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