The complete Fake Board List in India 2024-2025 has been provided below! We should be aware of the COBSE Fake Board. List because nowadays it happens that students are admitted to fake boards

The educational landscape in India is vast and diverse, with numerous boards and councils responsible for conducting examinations and awarding certificates.

However, amidst the legitimate governing bodies, a dark underbelly of fake boards exploits unsuspecting students and parents. This article delves into the alarming increase in fake boards in India from 2024 to 25, shedding light on their deceitful practices and consequences.

Understanding Fake Boards

List of Fake Boards in India 2024-25, also known as bogus educational institutions, operate under the guise of legitimate educational bodies.

These entities deceive individuals by offering certificates and diplomas without adhering to educational standards and regulations.

They often need accreditation from recognized authorities and need to provide genuine educational services.

Factors Contributing to the Proliferation of Fake Boards

Several factors contribute to the rampant growth of fake boards in India:

  1. Lack of strict regulation and oversight: The absence of stringent regulatory measures allows fake boards to operate with impunity, exploiting loopholes in the system.
  2. Easy access to technology: Advancements in technology make it easier for fraudulent entities to create fake documents and websites, deceiving unsuspecting individuals.
  3. Exploitation of loopholes: Some fake boards use loopholes in the education system, such as ambiguous laws and lax enforcement, to establish their operations.

Consequences of Certificates from Fake Boards

Certificates issued by list of fake boards 2024-25 can have severe repercussions for individuals:

  • Legal implications: Possessing certificates from fake boards can lead to legal troubles, as they hold no validity in the eyes of the law.
  • Obstacles in higher education and employment: Individuals holding fake certificates may face difficulties pursuing higher education or securing employment opportunities, as their qualifications lack credibility.

Recognizing Fake Boards

It is essential to be vigilant and recognize the signs of fake boards:

  • Lack of accreditation: Genuine educational boards are accredited by recognized authorities, whereas fake boards often need proper accreditation.
  • Unrealistically low fees: Fake boards may lure individuals with meagre fees, which are often too good to be true.
  • No physical address or contact information: Legitimate educational institutions have a physical presence and readily available contact information, whereas fake boards may operate anonymously.

List of Fake Boards in India 2024-25

During the years 2024-25, several list of fake boards were identified operating in India:

1.Central Board of Higher Education, Aspati Bhawan, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi.
2.Board of Adult Education and Training, Brahmpuri, Nagal Rai, New Delhi.
3.Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Sansthan, New Delhi.
4.All India Board of Secondary Education, Gazipur
5.ACN International University, Raipur
6.Central Board of Higher Education, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi.
7.Gurukul Vishwavidyalaya, Vrindavan
8.Doon International University, Raipur
9.All India Board for Education Training, Delhi
10.Indian Council of Secondary Education, India
11.Board of Higher Secondary Education, Delhi
12.Central Board of Higher Education, Delhi
13.Board of Adult Education & Training, Delhi
14.All India Board for Secondary Education, Delhi
15.Council of Secondary Education, Mohali
16.Gurukul Vishvavidyalaya Vrindaban, Mathura
17.Council for the Indian Certificate Examination, Delhi
18.Mahashakti Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Delhi
19.Board of Secondary Sanskrit Education, Lucknow
20.Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad
21.Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad, Lucknow
22.Dr Ramgopalacharya Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Etah, U.P
23.Board of Secondary Education Madhya Bharat, Gwalior
24.Council of Secondary Education Board, Mohali
25.The Central Board of Higher Education, New Delhi
26.Mumbai Hindi Vidyapeeth, Mumbai
27.Board of Youth Education, India
28.The Council of Basic and Technical Education, Ludhiana
29.Mahatma Gandhi Secondary and Senior Secondary Education Board, Delhi
30.Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Open Education, West Bengal
31.Council of Higher Secondary Education, Delhi
32.Board of Secondary Education Madhya Bharat, Gwalior
33.Delhi Board of Senior Secondary Education, Delhi
34.Shiksha Parishad Madhyamic, Gwalior
35.Central Board of Education, Ajmer
36.Indian Council Open School Certificate Examination, Maharashtra
37.Board of Youth Education in India
38.Board of Technical and Secondary Education, Delhi
39.Council of Higher Secondary Education, Delhi
40.Mahatma Gandhi Secondary and Senior Secondary Education Board, Delhi
41.National Board of Higher Secondary Education, Delhi
42.Mahakoshal Board of Secondary Education, Jabalpur
43.Board of Senior Secondary Education
44.Board of Higher Secondary Open Education, Delhi
45.Delhi Board of Secondary Education
46.Board of School and Technical Education, Chhatisgarh
47.The Central Board of Higher Secondary Education
48.National Open School and Board of Secondary Open Education, Delhi
49.Gramin Mukth Vidhalyai Shiksha Sansthan
50.Delhi Board of Senior Secondary Education
51.State Council of Senior Secondary Open Education
52.Higher Secondary Education Board of Delhi
53.Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Prayag
54.Council of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Delhi
55.Vocational University, Delhi
56.Maharishi Valmiki National University
57.John University, Kishanattam, Kerala
58.Bombay Hindi Vidya Peeth
59.Maithili University/ Vishwavidyalaya Darbhanga
60.Raja Arabia University, Nagpur
61.Commercial University Limited, Daryaganj, Delhi
62.Amritsar University, Amritsar, Punjab
63.Kaserwani Vidya Pith, Jabalpur
64.National University, Nagpur
65.Western University of Kapurthala
66.Bible University Ambur, North Arcot
67.Arya University Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir
68.United Nations University, Delhi
69.Bible University of Science, Kumbakonam
70.Jamia Urdu, Aligarh
71.Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad (recognised by the Govt. of India for the purpose of employment)
72.Ucchhttar Madhyamik Shiksha Mandal, Delhi

Impact on Students and Society

The proliferation of fake boards has far-reaching consequences:

  • Financial loss: Students and parents suffer financial losses due to the fees paid to fake boards, only to realize later that the certificates hold no value.
  • Erosion of trust: The presence of fake boards undermines trust in the education system, leading to scepticism and disillusionment among the populace.
  • Hindrance to progress: Fake boards hinder the progress and development of individuals and the nation by depriving deserving candidates of genuine educational opportunities.

Government Initiatives to Combat Fake Boards

To address the menace of fake boards, the government has undertaken various initiatives:

  • Regulatory bodies: Establishment of regulatory bodies to monitor and regulate educational institutions, ensuring compliance with standards and regulations.
  • Legal action: Stringent legal action against individuals involved in running fake boards, imposing penalties and sanctions to deter fraudulent activities.
  • Awareness campaigns: Launching awareness campaigns to educate the public about the risks associated with fake boards and the importance of verifying credentials.

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This data is collected through primary and secondary board research from authorized and credible sources, including COBSE, Directorate of Education Delhi, and TOI.


In conclusion, the proliferation of fake boards in India poses a significant threat to the integrity of the education system and the future of individuals.

Students and parents must exercise caution and verify the credentials of educational institutions before enrolling.

Through collective efforts, including stringent regulation, legal action, and awareness campaigns, we can combat the scourge of fake boards and safeguard the interests of students and society.

5 Unique FAQs

1. How prevalent are fake boards in India compared to legitimate educational institutions?

Ans. While genuine educational establishments vastly surpass counterfeit ones, the presence of a few such frauds can inflict considerable harm on individuals and communities.

2. How can students avoid falling victim to fake boards?

Ans. Students need to research schools, check if they are legit, and get advice from people they trust before signing up.

3. Are there any government-run databases or portals where individuals can verify the genuineness of educational boards?

Ans. The government sometimes updates databases and websites where people can check if educational boards and schools are real.

4. Can individuals who fake boards have victimized seek legal recourse?

Ans. If fraudsters have duped an individual, they can approach law enforcement and initiate a lawsuit against them.

5. What role do educational authorities and regulatory bodies play in curbing the Expansion of fake boards?

Ans. Educational authorities and regulatory bodies are crucial in monitoring and regulating educational institutions, identifying fake boards, and taking appropriate measures to combat fraudulent activities.

Ask me anything! I’m happy to answer your questions.

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