Process for ICSE affiliation

ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) is an emerging choice for affiliation for schools. ICSE’s parent organization is CISCE (Council of Indian Schools Certificate Examination) is internationally recognized. Indian schools prefer ICSE Board’s affiliation as the board redefines scholastic merit in international terms.

Schools need to follow ICSE’s rules for affiliation which are as follows:

The application of affiliation will require:

  1. NOC – A No Objection Certificate from the State Government should be submitted to the Council.
  2. The school must have started class VI and the Council states strongly that before getting affiliated, students must not be promoted to class IX.
  3. An official, the Inspector appointed by the Council will submit an inspection report on the basis of his visit to the applicant school. Schools must fulfil conditions of affiliation, apart from submitting the application form. The Council’s decision regarding grant/refusal will be final.
  4. Any other Branches of the affiliated school shall not be deemed affiliated. Every branch or unit will be required to submit the affiliation application and fulfil the conditions of affiliation laid by the Council to earn affiliation.
  5. The applicant school should be run a Registered Society/Trust/Company (Under Section 25(1)(a) of the Companies Act 1956 or as amended) for educational purposes and not for profit.
  6. The Society/Trust/Company must have a Managing Committee or a Governing Body functioning under its control to manage the school and its operations. This clause can be exempted in special cases wherein the school is set up in a foreign land and Societies/Trusts/Companies cannot be registered in the name of Indians under any law.
  7. A copy of the balance sheet and the Income and Expenditure Account of the Society/Trust/Company audited by a Chartered Accountant’s firm must be submitted to the Council.
  8. Any changes in the composition of the Society/Trust/Company must be intimidated to the Council along with the submission of official documents for verification.
  9. The medium of instruction in the school must be English.
  10. The minimum required land must be 2000 sq. meters. Suitable buildings and proper playgrounds providing adequate facilities as prescribed by the Council.
  11. School is required to submit all the land registration or lease documents.
  12. Classroom size should be preferably 400 sq. ft. or larger. Classrooms must be sufficient enough to accommodate all students of a section.
  13. The library must have a minimum of 2500 books in the beginning.
  14. The school infrastructure must be adequate in terms of laboratories, teaching apparatus and other furniture.
  15. Staff qualifications, their salary and number of working days and hours should conform to the CISCE/ICSE norms.
  16. Staff Salary Certificates and Staff EPF Deduction Certificate should be submitted to the Council.
  17. The fee charged by the school must commensurate with the facilities provided to the students.


Steps to ICSE Affiliation:

Step 1 Submission of the application form and the required documentation.

Step 2 Inspection – A visit to the school by the appointed CISCE’s official/inspector.

Step 3 Approval – The Council will review the prepared report and will deny/grant affiliation.

Step 4 Fee Submission – The fee will be submitted in the form of Demand Draft in the name of Secretary, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The fee will be in accordance with the type of school. For more details, visit ICSE’s official website.

The CISCE affiliation is a rigorous process and once obtained, continual efforts will be required to sustain the affiliation status. CISCE affiliated schools need to come up with improvement strategies to offer high-quality education.

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