Revolutionizing Education The Rise of Online Education

Online schools have certainly changed the face of education in India. And most advantages of this new educational alternative are already known to many students and stakeholders. The rise of online learning is now the next big thing in the Indian educational landscape!

In this article, we will cover some points to explain how technology is revolutionizing education. So that you do not miss out on the opportunities extended by the crucial e-learning trends.

It is evident that the global pandemic and school closures accelerated the growth of virtual learning. So let’s start by analyzing the impact of Covid-19 on students and schools in India.

The Rise of Online Learning during Covid-19

School closures affected almost 94% of the world’s student population. This figure was even bigger with around 99% of students in the lower-middle countries.

The challenging time of the outbreak brought online learning into the picture. And most schools including the top schools in India switched to virtual classes and used online learning platforms. Due to the lack of preparedness, this shift created numerous issues for students and stakeholders. In fact, as per the World Economic Forum, 60% of countries were supported by their respective Ministries of Education for primary and secondary education (created a platform and displayed educational content).

Despite the teething problems, virtual learning was a major success. Globally, 36% of the countries rated this medium as very effective. And 58% found it fairly effective.


Effectiveness of online learning platforms

Post the pandemic, online schools in India were a part of the mainstream education system. Our policymakers introduced this learning model and some accredited online schools started serving the Indian student community. 

Let’s take a look at the top advantages of this new schooling mode.

Striking Advantages of Online Education:

Learning opportunities-

With this face of education, a student need not wait for a specific time to continue with studies. This medium surpasses the time and location barriers. And also makes quality education more accessible for students. A simple study corner and the handholding of the best online school in India can now help students build the relevant skills for the future.

Cost Effective and accessible-

Educating a child in India costs around 30 lakhs at the school level. And the same cost goes up to a crore at the college level. India is a nation that is already battling with the challenge of poverty-stricken masses. And there was an addition of around 75 million people in the ‘poor’ category due to the Covid recession. Virtual learning considerably reduces the cost of education. And this makes it an ultimate alternative for many families across the nation. With the growing need of preventing school dropout rates, this educational alternative is also the right solution to improve accessibility across all parts of the nation.

Innovative and Interactive-

The Indian education system is often criticized for its mundane and outdated methodologies. But with digitalization in education, students get more creative instructional delivery, collaborate with cross-cultural peers and enjoy an enhanced learning experience.

Digital Literacy and Global Education-

Access to the digital world gives an unmatched opportunity to explore global education and careers. Online schools in India are the future for students to realize their dream of world-class skill-based education. And the significance of this medium is already acknowledged by policymakers in the past couple of years.


Unlike the traditional medium of education in India, this new model offers tailored learning opportunities as per the student’s preferences. They can now unleash the possibilities of global education, study varied subjects, and that too with their preferred learning style. 

Advantages of online education

Here’s a look at some facts that can explain the rise of EdTech in education.  

Growth of Online Education Statistics 2022

  • Between the years 2016 to 21, the Indian virtual education market saw a growth rate of 52% (from 250 million dollars to 2 billion dollars).
  • 14.9% of the Indian schools (all management) had functional smart classrooms or virtual classrooms.
  • 33.91% of schools had an internet facility.
  • 47.51% of schools had computer facility.

How Faster Online Education is Growing in the World?

Globally, virtual learning has witnessed a huge spike in the number of students accessing online platforms. The figures speak volumes about this paradigm shift. And reached up to 92 million in 2021 from 21 million in 2016.

Specifically, in India, this market is huge for reskilling and other streams of education (such as supplementary, and casual learning etc.).

Learners Accessing Online Learning in Millions

India had 13.6 million students and ranked number 2 amongst the countries with the most learners in the year 2021. And clearly, the most dominant reason is the potential of this medium to serve all types of students through a range of digital educational resources.

Digital Educational Resources

As the global pandemic triggered the need for self-study and skill-based learning, schools in India started to revamp their designs as per the needs of the changing times. Online resources such as podcasts, games, puzzles, applications, quizzes, polls, etc. have great educational value and offer a superior learning experience. In fact, the market structure of online education in India covers supplementary education, test preparation and reskilling, and language learning, etc. And the paid user base has also grown at a stupendous rate.

E learning market in India
Paid User Base in Millions

Differently-Abled Students

Other than these visionary trends, online schooling has also created a safe haven for differently-abled students. Interactive learning platforms, customized learning plans, options to decide one’s own pace, and EdTech tools for special needs are perfect for these students. The blessing of technology has proved to be a great savior for many such students who struggle in the noisy traditional classrooms. And this advantage is certainly one of the most positive changes within our mainstream education system.

Final Thoughts:

There are numerous ways in which technology has profoundly changed education. And the best part is that the access to great educational opportunities is now open to several students despite all barriers to learning. Thanks to online education, high-quality schooling is no more a privilege for the elite. The unprecedented scope of technology is all set to unfold new possibilities with the best online school in India. Let’s embrace this new change and support our policymakers in materializing the dream of quality education for all Indian students.

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