All the schooling options from online schools in India, K8 Online School, AOL School, Cyboard School, and 21K School. Ranked and listed according to their features, accreditation, curriculum, affordability and reviews.

Online education is gaining popularity because of some practical and futuristic benefits. This trend has already picked up pace in some parts of the world. And now it’s becoming popular even in India.

Today, the mainstream Indian education system offers some great options of 100% online schools that are available for students without any time and location restrictions. 

If you are looking to start with the best online schooling option right here in India,

Here’s a detailed comparison of the 4 best digital schooling options for you!

1. K8 School

K8 School Logo

K8 Online School, India’s first recognized online school is the top pick on our list! This virtual school integrates the components and best practices of the world’s best education systems and offers a ‘WORLD-CLASS’ schooling experience in every sense of the term!

This affordable platform operates with a highly futuristic and visionary schooling design and delivers 21st-century learner-centric education through 100% virtual medium, making it the best online school in India. It is accredited by the world’s largest accrediting agency ‘Cognia’ and creates an educational path on the lines of the world’s leading education system – The United States System of Education. 

Here’s what makes this online school the number one on our list:

  • A perfect synthesis of core elements and action items for 21st century relevant learning.
  • Uses the most innovative and scientific methods of teaching, amalgamates the most researched educational theories for an ‘IMPACTFUL, IDEAL, & INDIVIDUALIZED’ learning experience.
  • Promotes parental involvement without an additional burden of home-based work and provides innovative learning content from Discovery Education.
  • Uses the latest automated mechanisms to monitor the student’s progress and gauge even the minutest learning gaps.
  • The is the most affordable online school, charges Rs. 49999 one-time annual fee for Kindergarten students.

2. AOL School

AOL School Logo

Next on this list is AOL online school in India. This one is a hybrid model of the regular physical schooling design and promises 100% schooling, from home.

This platform does promise a blend of western and Indian methodologies but is not very clear with its exact teaching approach. Apparently, it follows more of an Indian educational trend. As its batch size is almost close to an average Indian public school with upto 25 students. AOL is one of the best online schools
in India.

Let’s discuss some other features of this platform:

  • This platform offers interesting subject choices like Dance and Arts etc., as optional.
  • Offers full virtual schooling, but provides smart textbooks till grade 5 only.
  • Their ideology is to deliver a full-fledged physical school experience with online classes in India.
  • This CBSE online school has teachers who are trained for physical schools as well. Hence, the faculty is not specifically an expert with online teaching.
  • For this online CBSE school, you need to pay an amount of Rs. 200 as the application fee. And the platform discusses its fee structure with the applicant in person.

3. 21K School

21K School Logo

Moving on to 21K School, another virtual platform that offers online classes in India. It has a comparatively complex structure and carries out the endeavor of virtual education through its international affiliations.

Let’s deep dive more about this option:

  • Students can choose between ‘Indian’, ‘British’ and ‘American’ curriculums.
  • This platform partners with Nisai Group for its International homeschooling options.
  • Nisai Group is a Cambridge International School and this board is already offering its services in India.
  • Its Indian curriculum is not quite reliable and prestigious because it is the same as The National Institute of Open Schooling. The platform merely facilitates the process of completing education through NIOS and is not recognized or affiliated by the government of India.
  • Its fee structure starts from Rs.144,000 for Kindergarten grade (American program). The British curriculum starts at Rs. 42,000 for Kindergarten grades.

4. Cyboard School

Cyboard School Logo

Another mention in our list is Cyboard School. It is only confined to classes 1 to 3 for its virtual classroom experience. It is still a work in progress, but this institution has a provision for online classes in India, and also promises 100% digital education.

Let’s explore more about it:

  • Offers a learning platform and promises updates on the student’s progress.
  • Conducts online classes but there’s not much clarity about the frequency and teaching pedagogies used by the educators.
  • The teaching faculty has a mix of various teachers from some traditional schools. Hence, the specific quality of online teaching cannot be banked upon.
  • The platform is only until class 3 which means that the student will not have a lot of time to experience online education with this particular platform.
  • The fee structure starts from Rs. 48000 (annual fee) for class 1.

Before we wrap up, let us justify placing K8 Online School on the top of our list.

Of all these options, it is the only feature-loaded credible platform for online schooling in India. A noteworthy feature of this platform is its batch size, which is even less than 10 students at a time.  Its course options are equally well-designed. And they cover almost all types of learners in the given age group.

So, if you are looking to start with the best online schooling option here in India, you can go with K8 School, India’s first online school right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Which is the best school online?
Ans- There are many schools that claim to offer online learning. However, the best school online is one that is accredited and meets all of the requirements. Such as k8 school, Cyboard, and 21k.

Q- Is online school allowed in India? / Are online schools valid?
Ans- Yes, online education is legal in India because the Indian government recognizes each child’s ‘RIGHT TO EDUCATION’ and appreciates all efforts in this area. The Indian judicial system does not consider homeschooling or online school to be in violation of any section or provision of the RTE 2009. As a result, online education is legal in India.

Q- Do students prefer online school?
Ans- YES! Because online schools provide flexibility, students can learn at their own pace and in their own time, which is not possible in traditional schools.

Q-Is Online School Better?
Ans- Online school is ideal for those who want to learn at their own pace and cannot commit to fixed schedules, or who want to balance studies and other life activities because there is time flexibility which is not possible in traditional school.

Q- What are the advantages of online school?
Ans- Advantages of online school are :
-Flexibility of study schedules
-Quality Learning
-Reduced costs
-Personalized Education
-safety And many more.

Q- What are the disadvantages of online school?
Ans- Disadvantages of online school are it creates a lack of social interaction among students as well as students becoming more addicted to technology.

Q- Is online school stressful?
Ans- Students are less stressed when they learn online because they can learn at their own pace and receive personal attention and they are not bound by a set schedule.

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  1. This concept of online schools is very new for all of us. My son is already taking online classes on zoom in his present school and personally I don’t find them very engaging. I am little unsure of online schooling but can’t say much till I give it a try.

  2. I got to know from one of the child’s parent of AOL school that they do not give report cards and provide it from a partner offline school. Am little skeptical about its validation, please guide.

    1. I contacted AOL after going through this. first of all, it is not recognised and not completely online. plus they say that they are a regular school from somewhere in Bengaluru. they just give zoom class like all regular schools.

  3. These learning platforms are quite affordable as compared to physical schools if they are giving what they are promising. And cognia accreditation is a big thing. Will definitely book a demo of K8, let’s see if they are true to their words on their website.

    1. I took admission for my child in class 5 but my daughter is in class 11. K8school does not have class 11.

      So i talked to 21kschool but they are charging double fees for American course and not giving anything as promised before.

      K8school says the government doesn’t allow class 11 in online schooling as it is not legal. They will take if government approves it, so that child won’t face any problem in taking college admission.

  4. These schools are bringing about a change in present-day schooling system. I was considering an online school option for my daughter and came across your article. Really informative, thanks a lot!

  5. Is 21k school even legal?
    It says they are affiliated to another school from outside India.
    It’s like DAV school is affiliated to Kendriya Vidyalaya. Is it even possible?

  6. This school was not verified sure boz I pay the admission fee but no response from this school. So Money is lost I think.

  7. Cyboard school provides tutors and online teachers for little children. It’s better to get a BUJY’s online course than this.

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