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We all wish to study abroad, experience a different culture and live in a new country. As an international student, the choices are endless. There are a number of options for international students to choose the best university from. The world is filled with various outlets. Some countries are famous for their Ivy League colleges and some for their vivid and extravagant lifestyle. However, in the vast pool of choices, the most important choice comes down to investing your money at the right place and in the right amount. Here are the top ten cheapest universities in the world for international students.

  • Binghamton University, New York

As an international student, it is one of the best universities as it provides academic advising for international students and support for incoming exchange and dual diploma students. The tuition fees is $8,144 (In state) and $18,464. (Out of state). The university also grants various scholarships to the international students.

  • University at Buffalo- SUNY

In Buffalo, New York lies another feasible university for any international student. Situated on the other border of Canada, the university is a home to over 5000 international students from 100 different countries around the globe. With scholarship assistance, there is also an English language institute that helps students to prepare for the university. The tuition fees is $8,211 (In state) and $20,151 (Out of state).  The average tuition after institutional grants and scholarships come down to $8,573.

  • Scuola Normale Superiore de Pisa

The Scuola Normale Superiore de Pisa is located in Italy. It is a public institution for higher education where students are selected exclusively on the basis of merit and the learning is intertwined with practical knowledge and research. There is no tuition fees and the university covers all living costs as well for both EU and Non EU students.

  • The Technische Universitat Dresden

TUD ( The Technische Universitat Dresden ) is a university in Germany in Dresden. It is one of the biggest technical and multidisciplinary university in Germany. It teaches over 100 disciplines ranging from engineering sciences to humanities and medicine. The approx tuition fees is €457.

  • University of Gottingen

The University of Gottingen is located in the centre of Germany. Established in 1737, and formally known as Georgia Augusta, the modern Gottingen offers a wide range of programs, mainly in arts and humanities. The university is also a host for various cultural activities and festivals throughout the year. The approximate tuition fees is €650.

  • Henderson State University

Located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas Henderson State University is a public institution that was founded in 1890. It covers various disciplines and caters to varying needs of all its learners. The courses covered are Business Management, Marketing, Liberal Arts, Science and many more. The in-state tuition fees is $8,436 and out of state fees is $10,086.

  • West of Scotland

The University of West of Scotland has its four campuses spread across from Paisley to London.  It is a home to over 250 international postgraduate students from 25 different countries. The annual fees is £10,600. It covers subjects like accounts, computer systems, film technology, construction management, psychology and many more.

  • University of Suffolk

It charges overseas students an amount of £10,080 for its remarkable education and learning that it provides. World-class amenities like library and information services along with assistance for student jobs is also provided by the university. There is also a career hub specially designed to train students for various interviews and help them land a job in their desired field.

  • Royal Veterinary College

UK’s largest and longest established independent veterinary school; Royal Veterinary School, trains and builds the vets for future. It is a part of University of London and still, is one of the cheapest universities in the world for international students. It offers programs in veterinary medicine, nursing and biological sciences. The tuition fees is just £9,470 for an year.

  • Glasgow School of Art

With the lowest postgraduate fees for international students in the UK, Glasgow School of Art offers courses starting from just £5,880. It offers postgraduate degrees in multiple disciplines including Architecture, Interior Designing and Art Writing.

Although, these Universities are affordable for many, it is still very difficult to get into a renowned University in a different country. For getting admission in foreign college and universities, it is equally important to earn your high school diploma from a just institution. Students who acquire their high school diploma from a school affiliated with a renowned accrediting agency like NWAC have a better chance and acceptance rate of being accepted in these colleges and universities.

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